Studio photography is something I have started doing more of just recently. I have been lucky to work with some very inspiring studio photographers the past few years and have learned a great deal from them. I have also been blessed and had the chance to work with many incredibly talented models.

In some regards studio photography is a very different discipline to that that of photographing the landscape. In the studio, for example, you provide the light including the exact angle or multiple angles and even the intensity, in the landscape mother nature provides all of this and you attempt to make the best of it.

The end results, however, are much the same, set up your lights correctly, configure your camera appropriately, discuss what you are trying to achieve with your model and direct her well if needed, compose well and you’ll get the pictures you’re after. The only exception here is that in the landscape world if the light doesn’t play ball it is an excuse to visit again, and again, and again…