Simon Palmer - IT Guy, Photographer, Professional Kitten Kidnapper and black belt in Origami.

This site is my personal web space, it contains a selection of my favourite images taken by myself. The site is designed for the latest Retina/HiDPi displays, but, also works great on previous technology.

In my day job I am an IT guy, yup one of those sad geeks that sits in front of his computer all day and does ‘pooter stuff’. My passion for photography began about 10 years ago now and I am fortunate that I get to travel to many places to take pictures. I especially enjoy landscape photography, when the light is right and you get that picture you’ve been thinking of a while the reward is huge. I also really enjoy studio work and wedding photography, capturing your big day is something very special.

I use Canon DSLR cameras and all Canon L lenses, although I do shoot many pictures using the iPhone nowadays, it’s great fun and some of the apps for processing are very interesting and incredibly powerful. In the ‘Digital Darkroom’ I use Adobe Lightroom and of course Photoshop, Silver EFX Pro is my preferred B&W tool although I am doing more and more using just Lightroom nowadays.

What is chiaro-oscuro?

chiaroscuro chia`ro*scu”ro, chiaroscuro chi*a”ro-os*cu”ro, n. [It., clear dark.]

(a) The arrangement of light and dark parts in a work of art, such as a drawing or painting, whether in monochrome or in colour.
(b) The art or practice of so arranging the light and dark parts as to produce a harmonious effect.
(c) The use of deep variations in and subtle gradations of light and shade, esp. to enhance the delineation of character and for general dramatic effect…